Business Strategy

  • Middel and long term target identification
  • Diversification strategy
  • Conversion plans
  • Investments planning
  • Targets management
  • Finance and banking
  • Loans

Export Strategies

  • Export strategies
  • Operative office in Saarbrucken (German and French markets)
  • Operative office in Moscow (Russian federation)
  • Strategic advise
  • Commercial personnel local selection
  • B2b exploration,either key or small account
  • Optimization and management of sales network
  • Start-up of virtual commercial offices
  • Management of commercial offices or branches
  • Strategic alliances or acquisitions
  • Seminars and training

Marketing, Sales and Communication

  • Price policy and profit analysis
  • Sales force management
  • Commercial strategy
  • Motivation of sales force
  • Operative marketing
  • Collection and analysis of sales data
  • E-commerce planning
  • Crm practice

Management Finance Control

  • Economic management practice
  • Budget
  • Financial management practice
  • Financial planning
  • Profit analysis
  • Cost analsyis
  • Cash-flow
  • Planning and management practice (D-1000)

Business Organization and Human Resources

  • Management of business organization
  • Generational takeover management
  • Valuation and developement of human resources
  • Management of complex projects
  • Motivational analysis and role confidence
  • Delegation and control practice
  • Data-flow management
  • Business training


  • Lay-out and logistics
  • Production efficiency management
  • Management of orders of production
  • Production reporting
  • Production planning
  • Quotations and balancing
  • Lead time improvement

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